1999 Ford F350 V10 ignition/COP Coils On Plug

After 125,000 miles or more you will be having issues with the Coils on your Ford pickup truck.  I would recommend to go ahead and change all of them at one time.  What I have experienced is that one goes out and then in a few weeks another one goes out.  Also, you may experience an issue upon acceleration/load and NO Check engine light…therefore no code and no idea which coil it is.  Best to go ahead and change them all.  Just a thought.  The coils that I use are Performance Distributors Inc. SOS Coils.  http://performancedistributors.com/product/ford-sultan-of-spark-coil/ These coils are above and beyond performance. The SOS Coils are designed with increased windings to boost spark output up to 40,000 volts!  They make a noticeable difference.

This is a doable installation/repair at home service….you can do it yourself.  You’ll need a 7mm socket and 1/4 inch ratchet and a few extensions.  Make sure that you LOOSEN the small attachment/hold down 7mm screw a few turns before you   try to reinstall it.  If it does not screw in by hand easily then loosen it again and then tighten by hand.  I have had MANY of these with broken screws or threaded incorrectly and would have serious issues…it is very easy to just loosen BEFORE you tighten.  On the V10 you will need to remove number 4 (fourth one on the passenger side…marked as cylinder 4) and then it will be easier to remove and install number 5 (which is the most difficult one to do)…see photos…they speak well.  You might want to also change the spark plugs at this time.  I had already changed the plugs about 12,000 miles ago, therefore did not change them.  Also if you go up to the SOS Coil you can increase the spark plug gaps to be opened up to .065″.  If you have any questions just give us a call anytime.  We have the very best oil and filtration systems in stock and ship everyday….just give us a call for AMSOIL at the very best service and pricing…501-545-9339 Hot Springs, Arkansas USA





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