Mercury Grand Marquis & Ford Crown Vic Temperature Control Module repair

How to remove and repair your Temperature Control Module (TCM).

The photographs attached are from a customer’s 2005 Grand.

Is your Ford/Mercury sticking or holding the control module to defrost?  Then you just need to replace the O-Rings.  They are rather simple to find on-line and the total cost for the o-rings (including shipping) is less the $10.  Just takes a little time, patience and effort :-)  Just take a look at the photos they speak loud and clear.

If you need yours repaired or have any questions contact Power Synthetics in Hot Springs, Arkansas 501-545-9339  Your local AMSOIL Dealer



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3 thoughts on “Mercury Grand Marquis & Ford Crown Vic Temperature Control Module repair”

  1. I just got a 2003 grand marquis and im hanvig a little trouble. I took the door panel off to lubricate the door lock and fix a speaker. I noticed the power window on the driver side was a little whiny when using it. I took the three screws out to see if there was an oil port or anything, then i put it back. Now the window will only roll down about 1 inch before binding up. Do i need to replace the motor now or is something just binding up? thanks alot for any help you can offer.

  2. You can get the codes ran for the check engine light at most local parts streos. Many of them will check the codes for free and tell you what they may be. The light could be for the same reason the 4 4 light is staying on. It’s hard to say without getting the codes ran first. Have that checked and you can update your question accordingly.

    1. Thanks for the info/input. At Auto Zone (here in the Hot Springs Arkansas area) they will check the code for free. The only place I know of locally that will check for free.

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